Nikki, Founder, Executive Editor

Welcome to the Elegant Nest.  We hope you enjoy your time here and take away a sense of joy and a shared enthusiasm for decorating, antiques, collecting, travel and perhaps a little new knowledge.

Nikki’s love of antiques and collecting started at an early age when her mother took her on occasional trips to the weekend flea market at San Diego Stadium as a child.  Raised in a military family she developed a love of travel and began a lifelong pursuit of collecting unique and beautiful things.   Encouraged by her mother to visit historical places and appreciate different aesthetics her dedication to historical preservation was born. 

After earning advanced degrees in teaching and workforce development she followed a career path that led from teaching middle school to becoming an administrator in higher education. She now dedicates her time to writing and teaching about her passions.  An Anglophile with a true love of the English Country aesthetic she firmly believes in classic interiors, rooms that encompass personal style and homes that tell the story of those that live within the walls.

Nikki believes everyone should enjoy a beautiful home that reflects their interests and sense of style while not taking things to seriously.  It has been said that travel is the highest form of education and with a sense of wanderlust we hope you will join us on an adventure! 

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