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 CRYSTAL WINE GLASS 1920's Jan Eisenloeffel Dutch Art Deco Mid-Century Modern MCM - Picture 3 of 6

Jan Eisenloeffel
Crystal Red-Wine Glass from the 1928 design for the Kristalunie Maastricht, made of hand-cut top-quality lead crystal.

Top quality craftsmanship from a bygone era.
Approximate Dimensions Per Glass:  
7-7/8" Height
4" Diameter at the brim
Estimated Period of Production: 1928-1949

In 1928, as Art Deco spread a new wave across western design, the Amsterdam jeweler and silversmith designed this crystal drinkware with brilliant facets so as to capture the twinkle of lights at the top of the stem. It always looked so glamorous in the hand (and in photographs) that it was re-branded for the American market under the name 'Starlight'. 

Designed in 1928 by goldsmith and designer Jan Eisenloeffel (1876-1957). He was asked by the Kristalunie - Maastricht to design a glass service which could bear his name. They have become the most highly treasured examples of Dutch crystal glass from the Art-Deco period. Each one was made by a master craftsman, and hand-cut to a standard which is no longer possible. The cut glasses have a chalice with twelve wide facets and below that three rows with cut pyramids at the top of the stem, which shine like diamonds in the light.
Johannes Wigboldus (Jan) Eisenloeffel (Amsterdam, 10 January 1876 – Amsterdam, 17 September 1957) was a Dutch goldsmith, interior designer, jewelry designer, draughtsman, enameller, silversmith, ceramist, Academy director, glass artist, ceramic designer and bookbinding designer. His works can be found in various museums, including the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. 

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